Multiple Use Underwater Camera Cases

There are a wide range of waterproof camera cases. Cases & pouches to protect your cell phones, vhf radios, walkie talkies, gps, pda’s, maps, documents and other valuables!

Marine 100% Waterproof Protection
Waterproof Camera & Camcorder Cases
Waterproof Digital Camera Cases
Flexible Underwater Housings
Rain Capes / Hurricane Hoods
Waterproof VHF Radio Cases
Waterproof Cell Phone & Walkie Talkie Cases
DU & DUS Waterproof Pouches for Maps, Keys, Cash
Waterproof camera cases are designed for underwater photographers. The cases are 100% waterproof, while allowing you to safely operate your equipment at the same time!

Camera Case

Under water camera cases for camcorders, digital cameras, slr and compact cameras keep you dry in your underwater adventures.
Some Marine waterproof camera cases are designed to easily cope with fresh or salt water.
Protect camcorders, digital cameras, slr, cell phones, vhf radios from water, dust and grit.
Marine 100% waterproof protection are test rated at depths of 30 feet to over 150 feet!